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Ancestry, really came through for me. / has never been my most favorite site as it costs money and I hate to spend my money but today I have changed my mind for another year.

Ancestry recently releases a new collection for England “The London parish records, 1538-1980”.

I was expecting to find nothing exciting but I found another sibling for my great great grandfather. Presumably the boy, Henry Richard, died before the next census but without this collection, I wouldn’t have known about him at all. I also found my great great grandfather’s christening. James Matthew Lay is not the most easy to find guys but I already had his birth certificate so I was surpised to find a Christening over a year after his birth. It seems his parents liked to save up the christenings and do two children together. It was lucky they grouped them as I only found his sister’s name in the index (so the index needs a bit more work)

The amazing thing is that I am still finding more information…

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BC Vital Records

This is likely the mother lode of genealogical records for British Columbia, if you haven’t visited before, you should.

BC Vital Records Index contains 5 main databases:

  • Births from 1872 to 1903
  • Marriages from 1872 to 1933
  • Deaths from 1872 to 1988
  • Colonial Marriages from 1859 to 1872
  • Baptism from 1836 to 1888

In total, these five records should cover almost all births, marriages and deaths anyone could possibly need from British Columbia.

While you can order the records online, if you leave in the lower mainland (of BC) then a cheaper option exists. The certificates for the Births, Marriages and Deaths are available at both the Vancouver Public LIbrary (Central Library) and at Cloverdale Public Library

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Welcome to Your Site!

As you can see, this website is changing… Come back soon to see what’s new

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